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The Kits I have completed in the year 2002 are in the sections below, previous years work is accessible in seperate pages which can be viewed from the links directly below.

The 2001 Gallery - Some of the kits completed in the year 2001.
The 2000 Gallery - Some of the kits completed in the year 2000.
Kits Sprue Gallery - Kits that are on the sprue still.

Glencoe Nieuport 28

The Glencoe 1:48 Nieuport 28 is a simple and cheap build. My display models recently got thinned down to two in a move, so I was keen to do a quick and easy OOB build. American aircraft have long been good for some colourful markings and the United States Air Service in WWI was no exception. I did the kit in Lt John Wentworth's of the 94th Aero USAS. The snake across the cowl was irresistable.

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Eduard Sopwith Schnieder

This is the Eduard 1:72 Sopwith Schnieder kit. This is one of their earlier kits and not up to the same engineering standard as their more recent kits such as the Fokker Dr.I. The Schnieder kit comes with a lot of PE, not all of it got used. I did use the PE for the cockpit which was excellent. I also chose to depict the aircraft unarmed. The PE struts that came with the kit were replaced with brass rod for the floats and cabane struts. The wing struts were done with styrene rod. The cowl was painted light grey as an exeriment for scale effect, but I think aluminium looks better. The Schnieder built into an attractive kit.

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Eastern Express Star-Strutter

This is the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I known colloquilly as the "star-strutter" for it's unusual strut arrangements. I did this kit without references and it shows, I glued in the struts all wrong. Because the struts were glued to the decals on the wings, I couldnt remove them without ruining the squiggly decals too. I was a bit annoyed as I was happy with the wood effect I had achieved as well as the cleanliness and consistency of the build. This kit was done out of the box and has the markings for the Austro-Hungarian ace, Godwin Brumowski.

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1:144 RE8 and Mini-tank M901

The local modeling club each month has a 'special section'. For the month of February the special section is 'Build it Small'. After having a look at the local modeling shop, I chose to do a Mamoli 1:144 RE8 and a Roco Minitank M901. The Mamoli RE8 kit is white metal and of basic construction and detail. The kit is surprisingly heavy. I part rigged it, enough to give it the RE8 look, with the outer V rigging. The model is suprisingly heavy. The Roco kit, I dont know what scale it is, was part built. The kit came with rocket launchers as the main armament, but I wanted it to look like an Australian Army APC, so left them off. The instructions were confusing, but it is a pretty clean little kit to build. About the only thing I added was a paint job, some dry brushing and weathering. Both these kits were done quickly and for fun.

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Roden DVII (late)

This is the Roden Fokker DVII Late version in the Dutch markings of the LuchtVaart Avdelning (LVA). Jan Vihonen posted to the World War I modellers list about the markings of the Dutch DVII's with "During the 1920's, all aircraft of the LVA were finished with a standard camouflage, with exception of the trainers, which were painted blue: khaki on top of the wings, fuselage and fuselage sides, light blue on the underside of the wings and fuselage." and "The colours used by the Dutch in the early 20's (the scheme depicted in the Roden kit) were called LVA khaki and LVA blauw." As a personal decision I decided to lean the khaki to the brown side to contrast nicely with the orange roundals and used a WWII German blue for the underneath. I originally painted the struts grey, but changed them to the Dark Earth like colour.

The Roden kit requires a lot of cleaning up from the sprue and during building. However the detail on this kit is superb. I have a photo of the Roden and the Esci DVII side by side. The Esci kit has the Roseplane's Early Conversion resin parts on it to improve the Esci's outline. The Roseplane parts include the nose, prop, guns and some interior parts. The Roden kit does not have the Esci's top wing bow or the highly elevated undercarriage. I enjoyed this kit, despite rushing through parts of it and having to squeeze in time to spend on it. My build suffered for both of those reasons. It still gave me a lot of enjoyment and now I have a very DVII looking model on the shelf in rather exotic Dutch markings.

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