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Nieuport 10 N209

Nieuport 10 N209

This is a profile of the Nieuport 10, N209 taken from a photograph in the Nieuport Fighters Datafile Special Vol 1. In the photograph the Nieuport 10 is in the single seat B configuration with a Lewis gun mounted on the top wing. A photograph of this aircraft is also contained in the photograph album of Oswald Watt with the caption, "I flew this in Paris."

Oswald Watt had a remarkable career in both pre-war flying, in the French L'Aeronautique Militaire and the Australian Flying Corps. Prior to hostilities in Europe, Watt was was flying in England at the age of 33 in 1911. He also flew his Bleriot in Egypt through 1913 before basing himself at Bleriot's own aerodrome at Buc, in France. When war broke out, Watt like many others was concerned that Britain would remain neutral, he joined the French Foreign Legion. Watt flew with the Bleriot Squadron No.30 and the Maurice Farman Squadron No.44 in 1914 and 1915.

In 1916 with both Australia and Britain heavily committed to the war effort in both Europe and the Middle East, Oswald Watt transferred from the French force, to the Australian Flying Corps, where he joined 1 Squadron Australian Flying Corps in the Palestinian theatre as a flight commander. After a period of operations with 1 Squadron, Watt took command of 2 Squadron which was forming and travelling to Europe for deployment on the Western Front. After commanding 2 Squadron, Watt took command of 1 Wing Australian Flying Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel.


Profile of the Nieuport 10, N209 appears courtesy of Mike Fletcher. The image is subject to Canadian copyright law and cannot be published without the express permission of the artist, Mike Fletcher.

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