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    Gallery of Photographs on the Australian Flying Corps


    Aviation Heritage Museum's Camel and Tourer : Photographs from the RAAF Association Museum at Bull Creek in suburban Perth Western Australia, taken in June 2001. The Bull Creek Collection is a large collection of WWII aircraft and includes two WWI replica's. One, a Sopwith Camel carries a spurious serial number, however the replica does have an original Le Rhone engine and an original Propeller. The second aircraft of interest is a replica of a Bristol Tourer in the markings of Western Australian Airways. The Tourer was a civilian version of the Bristol F2b Fighter. Photographs courtesy of Gordon Branch.

    The AFC in Stamps Issued by Australia : Many early Australian aviators and pioneers have been celebrated by stamps being issued based on their exploits. Many stamps covers have been issued, more than are in this Gallery. The Gallery covers from the first airmail delivery, to the post war exploits of Hudson Fysh, Harry Wrigley, Lawrence Wackett, Bert Hinkler, Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm.

    RAAF Museum's Maurice Farman : Photographs of the original Maurice Farman Shorthorn at the RAAF Museum, Point Cook. The Maurice Farman CFS 15 flew at the Central Flying School from 1916 to 1919. After the war the aircraft was sold to a civil operator and re-registered as G-AUBC. The aircraft was stored privately until the 1980's when the remaining components of the aircraft were donated to the RAAF Museum. The aircraft was rebuilt and restored by the museum and went on display in 1997.

    Photographs of Harold Edwards : Photographs showing Harold Edwards service with 3 Sqn Australian Flying Corps. Edwards joined 3 Squadron soon after they became operational, Edwards served with the Squadron until it was disbanded after the war. Edwards had the unique distinction of being the Squadrons only instrument fitter. Edwards also stood guard over the body of Manfred von Richthofen and later engraved the Brass Plaque that adorned the Red Barons cross and coffin.

    Maps of 3 Sqn AFC's Area of Operations : Maps of 3 Sqn Australian Flying Corps area of operations. These maps appeared in the book, "The Battle Below, Being the History of 3 Sqn AFC" by H.N. Wrigley. The book was published by another ex-3 Sqn AFC member, E.G. Knox in 1935 under which only a couple of hundred copies of this book were published. Subsequently it is rare and highly priced on the second hand book market. The book includes maps of the localities through which 3 Sqn AFC fought through between September 1917 and November 1918.

    Cobby's Charlie Chaplin : The Australian Flying Corps leading ace was Arthur Cobby whose Sopwith Camel aircraft while with 4 Sqn AFC bore two Charlie Chaplin aluminium cutouts on either side of the aircraft as personal insignia. Cobby designed, painted, and attached the Chaplins himself before leaving England in December 1917. The starboard Chaplin now resides on display at the RAAF Museum, PointCook, Victoria. Photographs courtesy of Gordon Branch.

    "Australia Hill", Hurdcott, England : With the armistice came an influx of Australian soldiers into England and the Salisbury Plain impatient to get on a ship to go back home to Australia. In the time the men and women were put to many activities to occupy their time. One unusual activity they put themselves too, was to dig a huge shape of Australia into a nearby hillside, colloquilly known as "Australia Hill". Photographs courtesy of Bob Gauld-Galliers.

    NASM Snipe Gallery : Photographs of the National Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C. USA, Sopwith Snipe in the colours of E.J Richards E8086, 4 Squadron Australian Flying Corps. The Sopwith Snipe was one of four that made their way to the United States in 1921 for trials with the United States Air Service. This particular Snipe was a two seater aircraft.